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How the Ansys Lumerical Enterprise works ?

    • attibaud.kouassi

      Hello Sup,
      Please do you know how many maximum cores can be used by the Ansys Lumerical Enterprise (1 task) license ? 
      In addition, which type of HPC license is suitable for the Ansys Lumerical Enterprise license : Ansys HPC, Ansys HPC Pack or Ansys OPTIS HPC ?
      Sorry to say that, but it's a little urgent for us to have the answer because it is for a client who needs it as soon as possible.
      Thank you in advance for your help.
      Best regards
      Attibaud Kouassi

    • Lito
      Ansys Employee

      Ansys Lumerical enterprise licenses allow running 1 simulation of up to 4 processes/cores. 
      To run on more processes/cores, it will require either Ansys HPC (Workgroups) or Ansys HPC Pack licenses. 
      See the Knowledge Base (KB) for more information. 
          > Ansys optics solve, accelerator, and Ansys HPC license consumption – Ansys Optics 
          > List of licensed features by product – Ansys Optics 
          > Ansys HPC Licensing Calculator 

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