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How can i simulate absorbance with thickness of Fabri-perot absorber?

    • Young Kyun Choi

      This is my first time dealing with a simulation program, and although I watched and studied tutorials on YouTube, there are still many things I don't know.

      I am having difficulty simulating absorbance depending on the waveguide thickness in the fabri-perot absorber structure.

      The device structure and results I want are as follows. The source are following papers 'Solution-Processable Nanocrystal-Based Broadband Fabry–Perot Absorber for Reflective Vivid Color Generation and Generation of highly integrated multiple vivid colours using a three-dimensional broadband perfect absorber'


      I succeeded in plotting the transmittance by wavelength at a fixed thickness using interconnect.

      However, I would like to plot the absorbance/transmittance according to a specific thickness section in 3 dimensions (2 dimensions + color) like the first graph. Should FDTD or FDE be used to simulate this? Or, I wonder if simulation is possible through settings in interconnect.

      Thanks for your help

    • Amrita Pati
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Young,

      For simulating the device for various physical parameters, you would need to do FDTD simulations in this scenario. Since you are just getting started some tutorial videos on FDTD are the best place to start: Ansys Lumerical FDTD Course. We also have in-built analysis groups to calculate the absorped power, absorption cross-section etc.

      You can also find more specific information on absorption by looking at the following articles and the associated example simulation files:

      1. Mie Scattering (Here the scattering and absorption cross-sections are determined)
      2. Calculating absorbed optical power - Simple method

      These approaches can also be applied to the Fabry-Perot oscillator. But I would recommend you to get familiar with FDTD. Start with the geometry and then look at how the existing resources can help you. And you can post your questions on the forum as you go through the different stages.


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