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HELP please, with dual cell for heat Exhanger

    • Andrea De Gaetano

      i know that for make it works i have to duplicate the volume that i want to study, so basically he studies the heat exchanger of the air and the fluid separately. i Duplicate the cell zone i need to use, which is 'fluid_rad_h2o_dx" with the TUI


      and it worked, because now i have my 'dual' mesh that is the same of the other one. but i have several problems and doubts now:
      1)  when i use as Auxiliry fluid the dual mesh generated, i don't have any area founded, this because as boundary condition the "ingresso_coolant_shadow:012" is set as wall but i don't have it as interior

      2) i think i should create an interface where i put the BC of the dual mesh, but i don't know how to set up the interface to make it works.

      3) do i have to set the pourose zone just for once, for the one where the fluid flows ? 

    • Andrea De Gaetano
    • Andrea De Gaetano

      this is the dual that i have generated

    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Andrea,

      There are some restrictions to the dual cell heat exchanger model .

      1) In the case of a heat exchanger in which the primary and auxiliary meshes are not identical, heat transfer may be non-conservative (that is, the heat lost by the hot fluid may not equal the heat gained by the cold fluid). To minimize the difference in heat transfer, the topology and size of the primary and auxiliary cells should be as similar as possible, with the ideal being one-to-one cell conductivity.Please make sure the cell zones are exactly identical.

      2)Regarding interfaces - It depends on what type of mesh you are using, whether it is conformal or non conformal and also on boundary conditions whether it is periodic or any other conditions.

      I recommend you to try this tui command for interface define/mesh-interfaces/one-to-one-pairing. Before this make sure the cell zones match.

      3) If you are using the dual cell heat exchanger model then it automatically considers the primary as well as auxillary zones as porous zone.

      I hope this helps you in your simulation.


      Chaitanya Natraj

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