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Help needed on Multiphase simulation on Ansys Fluent

    • KR


      I'm having convergence issues on a drop impact simulation on Ansys Fluent. Could you please help?

      Thank you!

    • Omkar Pawar
      Ansys Employee
      Hi KR,

      It is difficult to gauge the exact reason based on the description provided. There could be multiple reason due to which the simulation would diverge, such as mesh, case setup, time step size, etc.

      Here are the general guidelines, that you could check if you have incorporated in your simulation.
      1. Solver schemes – Use Implicit
      2. Time step size - use a time step size lower than the one that you are currently using in your simulation.
      3. If closed domain primary phase must be compressible fluid (I assume here it would be air in your simulation)
      4. If closed domain enable ideal gas for air. 
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