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Helmholtz Resonance

    • Noora

      Hello guys,

      I want to calculate hemholtz resonance frequency and compare it with the formula below. I have some question related to this problem.

      1. Which analysis should I use? Modal Acoustic or Harmonic Acoustic?
      2. Which body should be defiend as an Acoustic Region? Neck or Cavity?
      3. What boundry coniditions should I apply? Pressure and ..?
    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator


      Try using a modal analysis. Define Cavity as the Acoustic Region. I think you do not need to apply any b.c. The modal analysis will give you the natural frequencies of vibration for the cavity.


      Ashish Kumar

    • Noora
      Hi Ashish Kumar, 
      Thank you for  your quick reply.
      When I define only cavity as the acoustic region, I got this.

      I have to choose both cavity and neck as the acoustic regions in order to get result.
      Moreover, when I don't apply pressure I get different frequency from the formula.
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