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Getting different results in ansys mechanical Apdl


      I am not getting desired results in Mechanical Apdl. I think this is the problem due to my boundary conditions. I am trying to perform free vibration of stiffened panels. Can anyone please help me in giving the boundary condition for a rectangular plate? What are the settings I need to give in Displacement section for getting (a) simply supported (S-S-S-S) rectangular Stiffened plate (b) Constraint (C-C-C-C) rectangular Stiffened plate and (c) a combination of these (C-S-C-S), (F-S-F-F), (S-C-F-E)

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      You could try defining remote displacements on the edges of the plate. For a simply supported case, constrain all 3 translational DOFs and leave the rotational DOFs free/undefined. For fixed support, constrain the 3 rotational DOFs as well. I think this should work whether the plate is modeled as a solid body (meshed with solid elements that only have translational DOFs) or a surface body (meshed with shell elements that also have rotational DOFs).

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