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Get s-parameter in MODE


    • pengzheng97

      Hi, dear friend, the way I get the s-parameters in MODE is a bit confusing to me. I found there are two ways to get s-parameter: EME solver, then eme propagate; s-parameter sweep in "Optimizations and Sweeps".

      The two results are different and I dont know which result is right, can you explain it to me? thanks  very much! 


    • Devika
      Ansys Employee


      We missed this post earlier. 

      In summery, S-parameter matrix sweep can be performed using the graphical user interface as well as from the scripting environment in MODE with the EME solver. Hope this clearup the confusion.

      You can find more information on s-parameter here : S-parameter matrix sweep utility – Ansys Optics

      Thanks and regards



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