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Generate a lid for a torus with a moon pool

    • Tianyuan Wang

      Dear all:

      I would like build a coaxial double buoy in AQWA workbench, but I am a little confused about the lid method in AQWA.

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      In workbench, does the structural surface of the floating body on the SWL need to be preserved? I am not sure if the structural surfaces on the SWL are involved in the calculations.

      This essentially relates to the principle of the internal lid method. If I turn on the internal lid method, does AQWA generate additional lid elements that are duplicated with the structural surface meshes on the SWL.

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      For a torus with a moon pool, assume that the structural surface on the SWL is deleted in the DM, does the internal lid method just generate the internal lid of the toroidal surface, or generate the lid including the toroidal surface and moon pool?

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      As for a coaxial double buoy, how could I generate a external lid of the narrow gap between inner and outer bodies? 

      (1) Which type is right?
      A. a lid attached to inner body

      B. a lid attached to outer body

      C. a separate lid

      (3) I found AQWA USER MANUAL highlights that lid normal should be pointing up (away from the fluid). Do all the lids have to meet this requirement? And this operation needs to be done in DM?

      Looking forwards to hearing from you

      Best regards,



    • Tianyuan Wang
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