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Forte ; Valves apparently not fully closed

    • Bastin Determeyer


      I am trying to simulate a One-Cylinder ICE with Forte. My Problem is the following:

      As you can see in the first Picture the Valves are closed, but there is a high velocity magnitude at my exhaust valves. The Temperature is more or less constant at the valve openings. 

      I seated the Valves with the function `Seat the Valve` and i got to minimums from 8e4 mm  to 4e4  mm. Is that maybe too big and i have to change the geometry to make it fit better?

       Furthermore  the Simulation is really slow (2 hours for 1 CA). Is there maybe a connections between these problems? And is there a Solution for this ? For example an option to disable material transport through small gaps..

      Thanks in Advance!



    • RK
      Ansys Employee


      It would be difficult to diagnose this, but I am suspecting this to be a large mesh jump. To narrow down the cause of the issue, please make sure you have refined the mesh based on the best practices mentioned in the user guide: 2.3.2. Set Up Mesh Size and Mesh Refinement (ansys.com)

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