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Error meshing centrifugal fan in a volute

    • Deepakraj Krishna Kundar

      I am not able to successfully mesh my centrifugal fan + volute module. Followed several videos on youtube for the same. No matter how fine mesh i try to give, the aspect ratios seems to be off the charts and i am guessing this is why my simualtion results doesnt seem to converge. My fan geometry seems a little complicated and has very small faces and edges and the gap between fan and its mrf enclosure is around 3mm. Are they too low, whats should be the minimum and maximum mesh size in this case. Any suggestions on how to proceed with better meshing?

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali
      Ansys Employee


      Are you using Ansys Meshing or Fluent Meshing? Both should be able to handle a gap of 3mm. If using Fluent meshing, are you using any of the guided workflows?

      What is the reported quality of your mesh?

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