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dissolved oxygen in water

    • Hyejin Chae

      Hello, I am working on a simulation of a fermenter. I use ansys fluent program and eulerian model. It has a sparger that releases air and an impeller that mixes it. I would like to find out the amount of dissolved oxygen in the system. I have some questions regarding this. 1. Do I need to adjust any settings before running the calculation? 2. Which calculation model should I choose? 3. How can I view the dissolved oxygen in the results? 4. I want to know the gas holdup value, but how can I check it?

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      1) Almost certainly, but you may want to be a little more specific. 

      2) It depends. How much gas are you expecting to inject? What exactly, and how precisely, do you want to find out?  Review the DPM and Eulerian/Mixture models. I've used all three for gas lift systems, the exact choice comes down to time, available compute and what I need to know from the simulations. 

      3) That'll depend on 2). Note, you will need to look into phase change as you must supply information on mass exchange; Fluent will use that and the flow field to work out how much mass is exchanged. 

      4) As with 3) it'll depend on 2).  



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