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Debugging analysis

    • Adisa


      Does someone has the link of debugging non-converging analysis. I read that nonlinear analysis (contact, material,geometry) causes more problem. I am looking for example of the Solution Output  with description what mean codes in the Solver Output  or explanation of messages which appear when analysis do not convergence. I did a few the non linear analysis and Peter has help me, but I want to see even more the examples. If somebody founds  the links or some tips for non linear analysis. Please tell me.

      Best regards.

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Adisa,

      I would recommend these resources:

      This article.


      Contact document and this blog post by John Doyle.

      I am sure others can add to this but this is a very generic question and it often depends on the problem you are trying to solve.




    • Adisa

      Thank you.

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