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composite-isothropic material simulation in static structural

    • k2.karimi740

      Hi there,

      I'm going to make a stress analysis simulation of a pipe made of a composite laminate as the middle layer and an isotropic material for two side layers, as you can see in attachments. a moment is exerted at two ends of this pipe as rotation of two ends, not as a moment load that I defined it as remote displacement. I tried to simulate it using APC pre and static structural, but I face this error:

      An unknown error occurred during solution. Check the Solver Output on the Solution Information object for possible causes.

      and the solution information is as followings:

    • k2.karimi740
      *** NOTE ***CP =14.047TIME= 14:37:49
      Symmetric Deformable- deformable contact pair identified by real
      constant set 11 and contact element type 11 has been set up.The
      companion pair has real constant set ID 12.Both pairs should have
      the same behavior.
      ANSYS will keep the current pair and deactivate its companion pair,
      resulting in asymmetric contact.
      Linear contact is defined
      Contact algorithm: Augmented Lagrange method
      Contact detection at: Gauss integration point
      Contact stiffness factor FKN10.000
      The resulting initial contact stiffness0.10542E+15
      Default penetration tolerance factor FTOLN0.10000
      The resulting penetration tolerance0.74804E-03
      Default opening contact stiffness OPSF will be used.
      Default tangent stiffness factor FKT1.0000
      Use constant contact stiffness
      Default Max. friction stress TAUMAX0.10000E+21
      Average contact surface length0.20141E-01
      Average contact pair depth0.74804E-02
      Default pinball region factor PINB0.25000
      The resulting pinball region0.18701E-02
      Initial penetration/gap is excluded.
      Bonded contact (always) is defined.
      *** NOTE ***CP =14.047TIME= 14:37:49
      No contact was detected for this contact pair.
      *** NOTE ***CP =15.422TIME= 14:37:50
      Predictor is ON by default for structural elements with rotational
      degrees of freedom.Use the PRED,OFF command to turn the predictor
      OFF if it adversely affects the convergence.
      *** WARNING ***CP =20.172TIME= 14:38:03
      An error has occurred writing to the file = 3 which may imply a full
      The system I/O error = 28.Please refer to your system documentation
      on I/O errors.

    • peteroznewman
      Your disk is full.
    • k2.karimi740
      Thank you very much;)))
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