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comparison of 2D and 3D jet simulation

    • Daidalos

      Hi I ran a 2D and 3D simulation for multiphase eulerian water jet flow. How come I am experiencing such a difference in velocity drop in the jet axial direction in the 3D case as compared to the 2D case. I have used the same simulation parameters for both 2D and 3D case.

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      Check the mesh resolution in the axial direction, it's invariably too coarse as you move away from the nozzle. Look up adaption to avoid needing to remesh. For 2d v 3d, in 2d you're modelling a plane, so there is no dispersion in the third dimension as you're modelling a slot. In 3d you have air entrained from all around the jet: have a look at axi-symmetric for the 2d case. n
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