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Can’t create a Field Report about the B vector on Maxxel 2D model

    • Bruno Paschoal

      I creat a model of a 2D solenoid. There are two coils ( yellow) in wich I placed current density excitations and I'm calculating the force on the armor ( rectangle more on the left). However, when I try to create a field report to get the values of the B field, it doesn't show as a option for Y in neither of the categories. I also tried to creat a calculator expression to computate Bx and By but it also doesn't appear as a option for Y. What can I do? 

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee


      Field report often requires a geometry to locate the place of the field value. Your geometry on the left shows none. If you would like to plot a scalar, such as Mag_B, alone a line, please draw the line in the model and then choose it in the geometry, you will see Mag_B and other defined field expressions.


      If you want to plot a 

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