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Calculating laminar flame speed using chemkin

    • paul_pinto

      Hi everyone, 

      I am trying to calculate the laminar flame speed for a SI engine using Chemkin Pro (version 2022 V2). I'm a SI engine closed reactor (this can be simulated as the one I have in my lab), but I can not find the variable (the laminar flame speed) in my results. I'm aware that there is a flame speed calculator, but I don't want to use a freely propagating flame. The spark ignition part is really important for my further study. 


      Thanks in advance

    • Judy Cooper
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Paul: 

      Only the flamespeed calculators will offer flame speed as a variable.  There are several types of flames.  The premixed laminar flame speed library or calculator are the most appropriate, depending on whether you need  a range of flamespeeds for different mixture fractions, or a single value for a premixed calculation.


      Best Regards,


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