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    • Deni Engineering


      Im trying to make linear reduced integration point in ansys workbench lsdyna 2024. Is element control in geometry removed?


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee








      Element control is only for ANSYS MAPDL Solver not LS-Dyna, so hence why it is not there. LS-Dyna have different elements and concepts.

      See below for a summary.

      See this doc. below for element formulations – by default it uses elform=1 (see doc. below), because we mesh with Explicit physics setting and linear element order (see mesh details in LS-Dyna workbench).

      You can change the elform/section of a solid via the main menu and LS-Dyna Pre Tab, then Part, and choose Section.

      See here for more info:

      4.6. Part Setup (

      (see here how to open the above help link: /forum/forums/topic/how-to-access-the-ansys-online-help/#:~:text=Open%20Ansys%20Workbench%20(or%20any,A%20browser%20window%20will%20open.)

      Finally you can check the section/elform by opening (say with notepad or in LSPrePost) the input.k file (LS-Dyna input file in Solution folder), and look for the keyword: *SECTION_SOLID

      Also see more details about this and elform in the LS-Dyna manual Volume I, II and III.

      The above covers all about the different elforms and how to choose and see them. For more information about the elforms used in Ls-Dyna or any other questions, use the dedicated LS-Dyna forum. Closing it here and as we said contnue under the appropriate LS-Dyna channel .

      (Under My Channels, and LS-Dyna)

      All the best








      • Deni Engineering

        Thank you very much sir! You help me

      • Deni Engineering

        Hello erik,

        If i want to use elform 13 wich is tetrahedra, what type of element should i use in mesh tree lsdyna workbench option? 

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