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Ansys SpaceClaim can not produce closed geometry

    • Reyhaneh


      I am PhD student and working with my university license Ansys. I used SpaceClaim to produce Cad geometry from STL files. I could do this for Knee joint bones, femur, tibia, fibula, and patella. 

      My target is to make the soft tissue around the knee as a cylinder. how ever SpaceCliam can't make the closed geometry, the error is one single missing face, I tried Facets check, auto fix, fix sharps, holes, stitches, gap, and missing faces. Most of the problems were solved but one face could not be fixed. attache photo

      the program closed a few times as it was trying to fill this missing face. 

      Can you help me this problem please.

      Kind regards


    • Gary_S
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Reyhaneh

       Perhaps try the SpaceClaim Options > File Import Options > STL 
       Or, in your source STL program, Is there any way to change the Facet Quality of the original STL?

    • mjmiddle
      Ansys Employee

      The Facets check, auto fix, fix sharps, holes, are for the mesh. The stitches, gaps, and missing faces, are for the CAD geometry. Since I assume you are making CAD geometry over the mesh data, the facets check, auto fix, fix sharps, holes may not be useful unless there are large problems in the mesh, and you'll still need to make CAD surfaces over the location. I can see you have created CAD data over the mesh probably using "Tools > Auto Skin" or maybe the manual "skin surface." Can you zoom in and show a picture of the hole in the CAD data? I see the missing face check reported "1 missing face. Click an edge loop to create the missing face." But then when you tried to fix, it reported "Warning, no problem areas were fixed." There should be red highlighted edges somewhere. Maybe the hole edges is not a clear loop, and has overlaps and intersections of the free edge. You may be able to use the manual "skin surface" to create the last surface. Or delete some of the auto-skinned patches around the problem and manually create the skin surfaces in a different configuration that allows you to connect to a closure. Each of these skinned surfaces should be 3 or 4 sided.

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