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Ansys Insight: Ansys Innovation Space —- Forum and Feed

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Ansys innovation Space offers public Forum for questions and answers, and private Feed for discussion among peers with common interests. Please watch this short video:

      In the forum, every one who registered can post and reply questions, although in Photonics Forum our support team replies most of the questions. However, this forum is limited to simulation-related questions, and is not designed to resolve a specific issue since we are not allowed to download files due to forum policy, and we usually do not have access to the publications you shared. Therefore, it is important for you to copy and paste some important information, and simulation settings as well as results in question. Description should be in detail. You would not expect a solution answer by just writing "why my result is incorrect?"  the more details you write the faster you get a suggested solution.

      In general we do not monitor the Feed. You can invite peers worldwide with similar projects for deep discussion.

      Please report any suspecious links, posts that guide you to any gaming/gambling websites.

      While we strive to reply as soon as possible, due to other projects, support, and limited resources, please be patient to get an reply. However, do not write duplicate post, or write the same post in another language. In case your post is not shown immediately after submission, please wait for a few minutes. Due to network limitation sometimes in some regions the posts mayh not be shown immediately.

      One post is limited to have one main question with related issues. If you have new questions not directly related to the post topic, please write a new post. This way the forum is better used for others who have similar questions. We do not expect a post to be cascaded with many threads.

      If the issue is reolsved and you are satisified, please give a thumb up!  You can also close the post once the issue is resolved.


      Thank you for using the Forum!





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