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Ansys functionality – Magnetic field distribution

    • Sean Langdale

      Hello, I'm looking to understand if ANSYS is capable of functionality I'm looking for to complete my Maters project before I start researching how to use the software.
      I want to do the following and would greatly appreciate advice on whether its possible, and if so, perhaps some good training materials/examples to get me started:

      1. I need to create a room made of steel construction and model a cable running through it with a DC current so that I can understand the DC magnetic field distribution at various distances from the cable so I know the magnetic field strength at these distances.
      2. I then need to be able to change the parameters of the current in the cable, steel (walls, floor, ceiling) thickness and steel grade etc.
      3. I want to be able to create a easy to use interface which allows a user to change room layout and cable position quickly and re-run analyses, i.e. an app which allows quick input of a physical set up and fast results.

      thank you in advance for assistance with this request.

    • Harinath Vudumula
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sean Langdale,

              we can do these simulation in ANSYS MAXWELL by using magnetostatic solver. we can place a pointer to find out the fields. we can change the parameters by using parametrics in the tool but to change the steel grade we need to change the material properties those also can be parameterized. To know more about the MAXWELL, we have learning hub you can visit and take getting startesd with Maxwell course, the link given below. 

      Electronics | Maxwell Getting Started - Ansys Maxwell Getting Started (sapjam.com)


      Thank you.

    • Sean Langdale

      Thank you for your response ?

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