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Ansys Academic Mutiphysics 5.4

    • Jesu Mathew


      With ref. to a ticket raised on MMU system(71403230) we would like to know a few questions prior to its use in one of our departments in Manchester Metropolitan University –

      1. When was software last updated

      2. Is software still on active development

      3. Are the software provider committed to patching the software in event of security incident or known security vulnerabilities?

      We would also like to know a list of queries for our Infosec team regarding ANSYS Academic Multiphysics - 5.4 .


      Thanks, and Regards,


      Jesu Mathew

      Software Licensing Administrator


    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee


      Version 5.4 is no longer available or supported.

      1.  Ansys, Inc. released the latest version, Ansys 2023 R2, on July 12th, 2023.

      2. Yes

      3. Development takes all security issues seriously and researches them. Patches have been release for past security concerns.



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