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Airfoil simulation (NACA 2415)

    • MTayyab


      i am trying to do a flow over an airfoil simulation at different angles of attack.

      I have created the mesh, and for the inlet velocity at different angles of attack i input the correct velocity components my domain is c type domain but when i calculate the lift and drag coefficients i get very small values.

      My free stream velocity is 210m/s and at 4 deg angle of attack i get the following values:


    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      Have a look in help as there's a video going through the NACA airfoil set up. Errors in the lift and drag are often caused by poor mesh, incorrect reference values or Force monitor vectors. n
    • Federico2594
      Try to use the K-W SST model that is better for Airfoil Study.nIs important to keep the correct value of y+ to solve correctly the bundary layer.nRegards,nnFedericon
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