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ACP module does not start


    • schenlor

      I want to launch the ACP setup but it will not start. I have tried opening other files to see if the problem is in my file. However, it did not work with any file, so the problem must be somewhere else.

      Mechanical and DesignModeler open without problems, only the ACP setup causes problems.

      I use a student license and am connected to the server via VPN.

      What are the next steps I can try?

    • Ruturaj Gavali
      Ansys Employee
    • schenlor
      In the meantime I have found out more. I was able to reproduce and correct the problem.

      The error occurs when multiple screens are used.
      E.g. opening ACP module - moving the window to the second screen. - If now the second screen is unhooked the ACP module can not be loaded anymore. - If the second screen is attached again, the ACP window can be moved back to the primary screen and the ACP module opens normally.
      Thanks anyway
    • Rob
      Forum Moderator
      if you min/max the screen from the task bar it should reappear on the main screen. It's a bonus "feature" of Windows software.
    • schenlor

      Yes I know this "feature" :) I feel like a noob right now haha
      Thank you

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