The geometry has been created in SolidWorks and saved as a Parasolid file. Download the geometry file here.

The following video shows you how to import the Parasolid file into Ansys.

Text summary of the video:

  • Slice the geometry into symmetric pieces
    • Create > New Plane, By XY Plane, Offset Z by 4mm
    • Create > Slice
      • Slice by ZX and YZ planes
      • Delete all bodies not in the all-positive quadrant
      • Slice by the New Plane above, and delete the farther body
  • Create the Balloon Geometry
    • Select the XY plane, and create new sketch
    • Circle at Origin, 1.995mm
    • Modify > Trim, trim the parts of the circle that aren't in the positive quadrant
    • Create > Extrude
      • Depth 4mm
      • Thin Surface > Yes, Inward Thickness .001mm