Efficiently Analyzing Structures with a Constant 2D Profile - Lesson 4

With growing efficiency of computational resources, 3D analyses are becoming very common. However, 2D analyses are equally important in solving some specific types of problems very efficiently and accurately. When we need to perform an optimization study on hundreds of designs or analyze challenging nonlinear cases, 2D analyses can be a major timesaver in the overall design cycle. This video discusses how to efficiently analyze structures using a constant 2D profile.

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Video Highlights

3:22 - Discussion on types of 2D analysis

7:02 - Difference between 2D elements and 3D shell elements

9:43 - Using the “Align” tool (Assembly Constraints) in Ansys Discovery

10:30 - Using the “Split Body” tool to extract the 2D profile of the solid geometry

12:24 - Specifying analysis type as 2D in the Workbench project schematic

16:56 - Evaluating results along a Path

19:04 - Performing Stress Linearization to obtain Membrane and Bending stresses

20:17 - 3D visualization of 2D model

Simulation Files

Download the accompanying geometry and archived files here. Download Ansys Student for free here.