Post-processing in Ansys Fluent — Part I — Lesson 4

How would you know:

  • If your CAD geometry was correctly prepared for the simulation?
  • If you were able to create the appropriate mesh to capture all the relevant flow features?
  • If your simulation was set up correctly?

The answers to these questions can be obtained by extracting and post-processing the simulation data. To analyze the simulation results, you should not only have an intuitive sense of the physics of the problem and know "what to look for," but also know "how-to" to extract the appropriate results from the simulation data. In this video, you will learn how to do some basic post-processing and analyze the flow field around the FSAE car. You will learn how to calculate the forces exerted on the car, in addition to being able to create contour and vector plots of flow variables to visualize the flow field around the car.

Alternate video link.