External Aerodynamic Analysis of an FSAE Car

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a crucial tool for analyzing the aerodynamics of a given object. In this course, we will explore various aspects of external flow CFD simulation for flow over a Formula SAE (FSAE) car. This course will explore in detail each simulation step. We will explore how to simplify the complex CAD to the simplified CFD-ready CAD, CAD repair, and CAD preparation using Ansys Discovery. In the first lesson, we will discuss the steps involved in computational mesh generation for the simplified CAD and learn how to resolve some common mesh-related issues using the Ansys Fluent Meshing watertight geometry workflow. In the next lesson, we will understand how to set up the solver and run the simulation, with a special emphasis on defining the boundary conditions, setting up the turbulence model, and initializing the solution. At the end of the simulation, we will also discuss how to monitor the convergence of the simulation in Ansys Fluent. We will also learn how to complete post-processing of the simulation results by creating various surfaces, contours, pathlines, force reports, etc., which will help in understanding the aerodynamics of the FSAE car.
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Note – To follow along hands-on with this course, an Ansys research license or higher is required. For those wishing to use the free Ansys Student product, you can find a lighter, student product friendly version of this course at the link below.

Aerodynamics of an FSAE Car

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