Requesting Support for proprietary models or models with ITAR or NDA restrictions


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      For all Support Requests involving proprietary models or models with ITAR* and NDA** restrictions, please use the Ansys Customer Portal. If you do not have access to Ansys Customer Portal then follow the steps below:

      1. Login to Ansys Innovation Space

      From Discovery Landing Page navigate to the Discovery Forum

      From AIS home page navigate to the Community> Learning Forum> 3D Design channel

      *ITAR stands for “the International Traffic in Arms Regulations”. Any discussion dealing with explosives, missiles or any other topic under ITAR will not be allowed on this forum. Refer this link for more information on ITARUnderstand The ITAR -DDTC Public Portal (**NDA stands for Non-disclosure agreement for proprietary or confidentialdata/information. Any information involving proprietary confidential information should not be posted on forum. Thosecustomers who have signedan NDA withAnsys can request for a discussion involving Confidential data as shown in the next slide.These questions will be discussed offline.

      2. Make a new post requesting support for NDA/ITAR model

      • Create a Post without revealing any confidential content.
      • In the description, make sure to request support over email or call.
      • Add appropriate Tags while posting.