Discovery Physics

Discovery Physics

Accelerating Design Exploration in Ansys Discovery

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      Cloud Connected Burst Compute Capability: 

      Ansys Discovery now has a new burst to cloud capability enabling simultaneous simulations across hundreds of GPUs.

      • Massively accelerate design space exploration and innovation through cloud-connected burst compute.
      • Run 1000 simulations in 10 minutes directly from the Discovery interface to quickly identify the most promising design variations without tying up your local machine.

      Leverage the end-to-end speed and robustness of Discovery’s Explore physics at a large scale with new burst to cloud service accelerating parametric studies in Discovery by 100x or more. Discovery’s live physics is fast, but now it’s ridiculously fast with no waiting for results, empowering rapid design exploration and optimization.

      Ansys Discovery’s cloud compute service is currently in limited customer preview and is only available to current Discovery customers using Discovery 2024 R1 or later. To request free access to try out this new breakthrough technology, go to Free 3D Design and Cloud Simulation Trial

      Optimizing Design with Discovery + optiSLang:

      The new optiSLang Add-in creates a seamless link between Discovery projects and optiSLang, streamlining the process of getting insights from your Discovery models.

      • Effectively automate the optimization process
      • Analyze and interpret the resulting data for enhanced design outcomes

      Please refer Discovery Add-In: optiSLang which contains instructions to install optiSLang add-in. This Add-In creates a custom ribbon inside the Discovery interface with two tools that help you to create an optiSLang project linked to a Discovery project and export already calculated results to the optiSLang postprocessing.

      Check out our one-pager on Burst Compute and optiSLang Plugin in Discovery for more information.