Install Node License


  1. Remove any previous license*.txt license files you downloaded.
  2. Save the license email attachment or download the license file from the Ansys Licensing Portal.
    • By default, your browser may save the file to your Downloads directory. The directions assume you are leaving it in the Downloads directory (%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\license*.txt).
    • For the purpose of these instructions, assume that the file has been renamed to simply license.txt.
  3. Should you choose to save the file to a different directory, please make note of  that new file location so you can replace the text in quotes in the setx commands below with the new file location.
  4. Open a command prompt: press the Windowskey +Rat the same time, enter cmd, and pressOK.
  5. In the command prompt, run the following commands to set appropriate environment variables to point to the license file: 
    • setx ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\license.txt"
    • setx DYNARDO_LICENSE_FILE "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\license.txt" 
    • setx ESTERELD_LICENSE_FILE "%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\license.txt" 
  6. Verify that the environment variables set in step 5 point to the file you just downloaded.
  7. Start your Ansys application and verify it starts successfully