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How to import .stl file into SpaceClaim and create a body?

    • Lee cw


      I'm going to do a contaminant migration simulaiton in ocean. Now I found geospatial coordinate data in MATLAB and ploted three-dimension image in MATLAB.  I exported the image as .stl file and imported it into SpaceClaim. But it becomes facets rather than a body as shown below. 

      The image at left is axial position and right one is top view. Facets is shown in structural tree. From my viewpoint, I think the reason may be like that: .stl file exported from MATLAB is merely spatial coordinate and when imported into CAD software it automatically link the points and form intersected surfaces. 

      I have tried to repair Facets in Facets and Repair panel but nothing worked.

      Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!


    • Devendra Badgujar
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Lee, 

      You can refer this Discovery SpaceClaim: Reverse Engineering - Ansys Knowledge for repairing these facets.




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