Jeffrey Lailey



Hi Akshay,

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I  had tried using shared toplogy but as all the beams are structural tubing turned into line elements there is a gap between all of the beam elements and the surfaces. I had noticed doing a test project with multiple line elements and a midsurface body that trying to connect them all using MPC connections didn’t work. This seems to be caused by the nodes not being able to have MPC between a line body while simultaneously being connected to a surface body. Is there a way to connect multiple parallel line bodies and than connect those connected parallel line bodies to a midsurface? I had not tried the contact tool for my initial model but in using it for my test model it says some connections are inactive. Is there any way for me to use the weld feature in ansys to connect line bodies to midsurfaces? Is there anyway that I can connect specific nodes of the line bodies with the surface and than specific nodes with the line body?