Lucjan Nastalek


Thank you for your reply. 

Inspecting the "Method" task page in both stand-alone and Workbench look like so:

I've kept all the settings the same to eliminate any effects from other settings.

I have then surveyed the available options in both Fluent instances, and found the following:


There's also discrepancies between the available solver settings, and their descriptions in the documentation. 

For instance, on page 3459 - section 32.14 "Performing Calculations with Pseudo Time Method", Fluent User Guide states: 

However, I am allowed to use Pseudo Time Method for P-B Transient even when using a segregated solver:

But not for the D-B solver:

And then, on page 3461, Fluent User Guide states:


I think what I'm trying to ask here is whether Fluent ran from Workbench has more options available than when ran as a stand-alone instance?