Federico Alzamora Previtali
Ansys Employee


You can find an example here to get you started  Ansys Fluent: Using the Six Degrees of Freedom (Six DOF) Solver - YouTube

For Dynamic Meshing, you can have any combination of prescribed motion in 3D or 2D and/or 6DOF.

Here, it seems to be that all motion is parallel with XZ plane:

  • the direction of the rotation of the main disk is along the Y-axis;
  • the direction of the rotation of the 2nd disk is along the Y-axis, with oscillation parallel to XZ plane;
  • the oscillating motion of the arm is parallel to XZ plane.

Your would need 3 different DEFINE_CG_MOTION UDFs to characterize each of these movements. 2.6. Dynamic Mesh DEFINE Macros (ansys.com)