Ryan Brannigan
Hi there,
I hope I find you all well,
I am a student at the Technological University Dublin. My college has an Ansys licence. However, for home use I have been told to download the free student version from Ansys. However, I am running into an issue.
I have downloaded the files directly from the Ansys website to my home computer and unzipped the folder. I should note at this point that my home computer meets the performance and storage requirements of the software outlined by Ansys. After unzipping, I ran the Setup.exe file to install the software. I accepted the terms and conditions and started the installation. No issues occurred, however when it reached 100% and 0 seconds left, I could not do anything. It says in the window 'Installation Complete. Please review the above information'. However, there is no information to review. When I opened the 'Detailed Progress Log' it just says 'Installation Complete'. I cannot hit the 'Next' or 'Back' button. I can however hit 'Exit' button, but I believe this just cancels the installation as when I search the computer afterwards, no Ansys products are downloaded. I have attached two screenshots below to help explain my situation.
I should also note that when I was searching for a resolution, I encountered other people on the Ansys forums who have encounter the same problem, although in previous years and revisions of Ansys.
I justed wanted to ask what is the solution around this issue. I need to be able to use the software on my home computer in the coming week, so it is essential I get this issue resolved. Thank you for your time in reading this post and I hope to hear back soon.