Srinjoy Gupta

Hi, I was able to model the cohesionless soil (i.e. dry soil as you correctly identified) in Static Structural. Coming on to my second query when I am applying gravity to my model it's deforming under its own weight because it's ramped up from 0 to 9.81m/s2. I don't want that to occur and already want the geostatic stresses that develop at the end of applying gravity to be already present in the soil (at time = 0s) as they exist in an already consolidated state as discussed in the Technology Showcase: Example Problems ANSYS, Inc. Release 2022 R2. For that, I need to incorporate an INISTATE command but I'm unable to understand how to apply it for the soil model. Please could you guide me regarding the same especially when we have a multilayered soil deposit with varying unit weight or density