Akshay Panchwagh

Have you gone over any training, such as the ACT training for Mechanical in the Ansys Learning Hub?

- No I haven't. But thank you for the suggestion. I will check it out. It will help me with other activities as well. As an Enterprise user, do I have access to it? Or do I need some subscription? 


What version are you using?

- 2022R2 Enterprise edition


Is the "item" the result object?

- Yes it is. for j, item in enumerate(solution.Children): When I execute this for loop, the "j" is for the 4 solutions I am evaluating and the results get are stored in the variable "item"



Thank you for answering everything until now. You are right. I should to build up on this. I am not well versed with ACT, or scripting in ANSYS using Python, for that matter. This is the first instance that I am using it. So that's why it is taking some time to figure everything out. In addition to that, if the code fails, it is kind of difficult to figure out what went wrong as in the Shell, only the error appears. It does not mention while line has encountered the error, making it a bit more challenging. Only if the Python Code Object is executed, then the source of error is atleast a bit easier to decipher. But I feel the ACT training you mentioned should be helpful in resolving any questions I have/might encounter in future.