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On the Forum we (staff) are limited to public domain knowledge and documentation. Assuming you can work out the various thermal boundary conditions you're then going to need some way to model the piston motion, the remeshing part would be layering, but you'd then need to figure out the solid-solid nonconformals etc. The rate of motion can be preset, but may then result in an odd pressure field or based on the pressure which would need a UDF to account for assistance and resistance of the piston(s) and flywheel. For a BSc this may be a little ambitious. 

The incylinder tutorials would give you most of the meshing requirements, but you'd need to model the piston as a solid for heat transfer. The 6DOF may be enough to get you going with the 1DOF part that you need. 

It's very definitely not a two-three week project, and run times could be significant.