Hywel Davies

Many thanks to you both for your responses.

1) I am taking the strain-at-break value from the 23°C graph on page 6 of the following datsheet (screenshot also pasted below) http://www.foomx.com/static/pdf/CrastinLW9020NC010_en.pdf I believe this value would have been obtained under the conditions you describe, Armin.

2)  In the absence of more detailed information, I am assuming homogenous behaviour of the material.

3) The Multilinear Isotropic Hardening model is approximated from the following graph. The graph looks to become nonlinear from roughly about the 65 MPa stress/1% strain point, so I have assumed that plastic deformation begins from there. I have just noticed that my model is actually slightly incomplete (X-axis for plastic strain should perhaps extend to nearer 2.2%?), but I certainly wouldn't expect strain to reach so high as 13% as indicated by the simulation results.