Kiran Kolluru

Hi Peter, referred to your comments in following two links which are useful in understanding Revolute Joint and Rotational Velocity "load" simulation in static structural.



I could successfully simulate the static analysis for 360 deg (in 30 seconds) by giving Joint Rotation for Revolute joint (it is not accepting rotational velocity showing a question mark). I have few questions.

1. Though the earth gravity is always acting downwards, the reaction force at the revolute joints is rotating with the platform. Technically it should always point upwards because weight acts downwards - in whichever orientation the platform stays. Why this difference?

2. Moment about Z axis (or torque) at the revolute joint is shown below. It's variation is not fully understandable or is the time step too coarse and hence the jumps observed in plot discreetly?

3. Why Joint-Moment input for Revolute joint is causing solution magnitude exceeded / non convergence error even for a small moment value? Ideally it should move to an angle corresponding to the torque. How can we input torque without getting this error?

Thank you.