Shian Li


I applied a 0-700Hz force to one end of the shaft, which has equal components in all three directions. The axis is in a static state, only the displacement along the axis is limited to 0, and the frequency response of the points on the axis perpendicular to the axis is measured. 

I got a piece of experimental data from Siemens Simcenter. The experimental conditions are the same as the simulation. Some sensors will record the displacement of points on the axis, and some sensors will record the magnitude of the external force. The unit of the obtained frequency response is mm/N. So my question is whether the frequency response results of the displacement obtained in the ansys simulation can be considered as consistent with the experimental results. Or do I need to perform additional calculations, such as: displacement/external force=mm/N (if this is the case, should it be the resultant force of the external force or a component force in a certain direction?), or I need to measure the stress at the same point and Calculate 1/(displacement*stress)=1/[mm*(N/mm^2)]=mm/N.