Forough Sharifi




Hello, I am working on simulating a gas-liquid mixing tank using a multiphase Eulerian model, k-epsilon turbulence model, and population balance usingAnsys Fluent 2022 R1. I successfully ran the simulation and exported the results in .cdat format for CFD-Post without any issues until a couple of days ago. However, now when I select all variables to export in .cdat format, many of the variables seem to disappear after writing the .cdat file, even though the size of the exported file is large (around 2 GB). I have attached screenshots for your reference.

The first image shows the time when I selected all variables before writing, and the second image shows the situation after writing the .cdat file, where you can see that many variables have disappeared. I should mention that I also checked the recommended posts mentioned here, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a solution to this problem. I would sincerely appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

Thank you