Rajeshwari Jadhav
Ansys Employee

Hi Nicolas,

  1. For Discovery are you using floating or subscription licenses? If you are using a floating set it to use FLOATING licensing. Run as admin C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v232\Discovery\LicenseModeGUI.exe and be sure it’s set for Floating and select all users.
  2. Please run a compatibility check on graphics drivers, run \Ansys Inc\v232\Discovery\CudaCheck\DiscoveryLiveCompatibilityUtility.exe to check if it is supported. Do share the screenshot of the same. Here is the documented list of tested and thereby supported graphics drivers for Ansys applications: Graphics Card Tested.
  3. Can you try and update graphics drivers from NVIDIA’s website?
  4. Can you clear the cache (type %appdata% in the address bar), rename the Ansys folder to Ansys.old and Discovery folder to Discovery.old, and relaunch the application.
  5. Can you please check if any antivirus/ security software is blocking the Ansys application?
  6. Can you check in the event viewer if it shows any error when you launch discovery, and send screenshots (if any)?
    1. >> Launch the application then, Go to Start Menu àEvent Viewer àWindows logs àApplications.