Martin Hnilica

Hello Bill, to explain my problem. I am trying to create  dual beam laser welding - in dual laser beam welding laser beams go in a row. I attached a schematics  how it is works: Schematic diagram of dual-beam laser welding of tailored ...
I already created surface model with usage of HFLUX, but I got feedback, that it got some drawbacks, which does not represent reality and I should try volumetric heat source. That BFCUM command sounds promising and that is probably, that for what i am looking for. My way of solving this problem was to create 2 separate APDL commands (shown below)

Commands was based as tangent to the circle with extra depth in Z axis and movement of the beam is done as function of time moving along Y axis.
I also have created second set of beam parameters same way, to have possibility to operate them separately. They work fine 1 by 1, but not together.  For that BFCUM  command you recommend to put those commands in one commands list, or how to make it work?