Akshay Maniyar
Ansys Employee

Hi Chethan,

Did you try to set a path in the “Scratch Solver Files Directory”? The scratch directory is only set for the duration of the solve. By default, scratch folder is blank. The program uses the same directory where you save the WB project. You can go to Options -> Mechanical -> Analysis Settings and Solution and specify a location, See if changing the location helps or not. Specifying a different disk location for the scratch files enables you to take advantage of a faster disk drive.

If there is corruption in the project, that could also cause this error message. Does the model generate an input file when you click on solve? If not, the file could be corrupt. 

Try the following if the project is corrupted: 

1. Locate the *.mechdb file. (You can use View -> Files in the project schematic and you will see a list of files. Right-click on the *.mechdb file and select “Open containing folder”)

2. Make a copy of this file in a different location

3. Change the extension from *.mechdb to *.mechdat

4. Use File -> Import to import the *.mechdat file.

You will see a new analysis system. Open Mechanical and see if you can solve the model.


Thank you,

Akshay Maniyar

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