Zhenhao Qian


Thank you for your reply! And I’ m sorry about my late reply.

I also have some questions


  1. Would I interpret small strain as the part before plastic stage? 
  2. Before I do stress relaxation test about my material, I do uniaxial compression test to confirm its linear elastic stage. Because as far as I know, the stress relaxation test must ensure that it is within the linear elastic stage of material. Due to limitations, I can only apply load at a low speed (about 10mm/min to 60mm/min), I ‘m not sure how to confirm the linear elastic stage, because before 0.2 strain, the uniaxial curves don’ t seem to be completely ‘ linear‘ . I’ m not sure whether my understanding is correct.
    The figure shows the uniaxial compression curves. Red line = 10mm/min, Blue line = 60mm/min.