Carlos Álvarez


Thanks to the Blocks Functions it is now easier for me to parameterise the ground clearance. However, I still can't get the profile to move with the rest of the surfaces as I said.
It must be because of something when importing the coordinates, that it doesn't generate the sketch correctly and it understands it as two different layers and that's why it doesn't move all at the same time. I'm importing it from a .txt file with assembly, I don't know if this has something to do with it.
I know that it can be changed in Fluent, what happens is that on the one hand I don't know how to parameterise the force vectors so that lift and drag are always perpendicular and parallel respectively to the flow, as in reality they are outputs (I could only parameterise the angle in the velocity, maybe you can also help in this aspect) and on the other hand I want to see if it is possible in this way.