Nirvan Gajadharsingh

Thanks for your reply,

I can see how using the find command you specified above links the  index position of a value in the matrix to the value at that position. But I can't see how that will be useful if I have a non linear mesh. I have an array Ex, Ex is in x-z plane of size (2081,361) , I want to be able to take all the elements of Ex and generate 2 new arrays called X and Z which gives the cartesian cordinate(Xum,Zum) of every value in Ex. Assuming a linear, uniform mapping, I can just generate arrays X and Z of size linspace(26,-26,2081) and linspace(5,-4,361) respectively.

This is inaccurate because of the non-uniform meshing, how can I build those X and Z arrays containing the x and z position of the values of the Ex array which considers that the meshing is non uniform. Basically I want to get the mesh points overlayed over the simulation domain