Lukas Hildebrand

Hey Deyu, thank you for your continuous answers.

They both are for the same project, yes. Just this one regards another type of short circuit. The goal is to calculate the inductance of the primary windings, yes.

The two primary coils both have an current excitation with a stranded winding of <1A, and a terminal of N primary windings (E.g. 25)

Exacty, the secondary short circuits are seperated from the primaries. The primaries have the above mentioned excitation and no other.

I cannot send you the real test setup because it does not exist yet.

In general I am just wondering why the closed conductor path solid with a winding of 1 conductor behaves differently, than with no winding at all. That is the reason why I am not sure about the solutions reliability if the SC is simulated with more than 1 winding.

I hope my question is clearer now and thank you for your answer in advance!