Sakis Karafyllas
Ansys Employee


Hello Kawaja!

Let me try to answer your question. All Ansys RaptorX/H tools require two sets of installation files:
1) the actual installation files that will be referred from here on as HELIC_ROOT files and
2) the technology files that include the foundry data which will be referred as HELIC_PDK_ROOT

The HELIC_ROOT files are always available to download from the Ansys Customer Portal ( ) ; just look for the “Helic Downloads” under the Semiconductor Products.

The HELIC_PDK_ROOT files are created by demand since each customer uses different foundry/technology combinations. There are two ways to get your hands on the HELIC_PDK_ROOT files. I believe that for your case the most convenient one would be to create those files by your own using our “Process Configurator” utility (I will link the available material at the end of this post). The other way is to make an official request for the HELIC_PDK_ROOT files but this requires a three way NDA between the customer, Ansys, and the foundry and can take quite some time to be completed.

Under the following link ( ) you will find slides and a recording of how to use Process Configurator. Within the Ansys learning hub you will also find “Getting Started” material regarding RaptorH which I believe will be quite useful.

Let me know if the above information answers your question and if you have additional questions I would gladly answer them as well.